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Tang Dynasty Show

I booked for this show, The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance, through the hostel where I was staying – Ancient City Youth Hostel, if you care to know. The staff whisked me off to Tang Palace and back to the

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Spring ATP Playlist

Spring makes its own statement, so loud and clear that the gardener seems to be only one of the instruments, not the composer.  ~Geoffrey B. Charlesworth I think that no matter how old or infirm I may become, I will

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Pink Martini

Pink Martini is a musical group described as a ‘little orchestra”. It was formed in 1994 by pianist Thomas Lauderdale in Portland, Oregon.  The lead vocalist and principal songwriter for Pink Martini is China Forbes. Storm Large appeared as a

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ATP Love Songs

Music is the shorthand of emotion. ~Leo Tolstoy If music be the food of love, play on. ~William Shakespear Castle: How do you know when you’re in love? Beckett: All the songs make sense.

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My BirthYear Hits

I recently celebrated my birthday and was wondering what songs topped the charts on the year that I was born… Thanks to the power of the internet and Google, I found a number of sites that named few to several

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Songs from the Silver Screen

Jackie Evancho’s musical gift at a very young age is simply amazing. Her angelic voice, poise and charm landed her on a runner-up slot on NBC’s America’s Got Talent show. Soon thereafter, she signed a contract with Columbia Records and

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A New Dawn Awaits

Dawn has always been my favorite time of the day. It is when I feel most relaxed and revitalized. The anticipation for daybreak takes me out of bed early, especially so when I am in a place with beautiful scenery.

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I am no music expert, but the texture of this song is just perfect for me.  It’s got easy vocals and great harmony of instruments. Initially slow and smooth, its steady beat gradually builds up to an explosive climax. And

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Musique et Film

Good music for me is one that invites and actually engages the listener to build a connection, and eventually makes him a part of the experience. It transports him from the physical to the magical and back, somehow transformed, rendering

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"The beauty of the truth is that it need not be proclaimed or believed. It skips from soul to soul, changing form each time it touches, but it is what it is."— Mark Helprin