A New Dawn Awaits

Dawn has always been my favorite time of the day. It is when I feel most relaxed and revitalized. The anticipation for daybreak takes me out of bed early, especially so when I am in a place with beautiful scenery. Watching the skies change colors is inexplicably uplifting, and gives me a powerful sense of banishing darkness from every corner of the world.

Waking up is more than just opening one’s eyes. It is an experience of gratuitous celebration of the night that was, of opening oneself up to the possibilities of the day, of welcoming the light and committing oneself to be that light that sends out beams of hope and life. And what better way to do this than through prayerful incantations.

I have put together a selection of tracks to help me get into the rhythm of a regular day with a lot more positivity. The 26-minute playlist is a serene exaltation of a new day, and transitions from soulful reverie to sublime jubilation. The tracks include:

  1. A New Dawn Awaits (score by Blacksheep806)
  2. A Good Day (Morning Song) by Priscilla Ahn (Smooth Jazz Piano)
  3. Over the Rainbow by Connie Talbot (Brittain’s Got Talent)
  4. Angel by Jackie Evancho (America’s Got Talent)
  5. Quilt (reprise) by Kobialka
  6. The Sky and The Dawn and The Sun by Celtic Woman
  7. Pagbabasbas by Jesuit Chamber Music (Musica Chiesa)

This early morning playlist was inspired by a woman whose light shines ever bright and whose joy affects her immediate world. She is “Dawn” herself – the word personified – that ushers in good vibes to the days of many of her followers. This therefore is dedicated to you, Ms.Dawn ❤♡❤

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