Bypaths and Beyond

Life is a journey, a constant movement in search for “something more.” Man’s insatiable hunger for light, meaning and transcendence stirs him up and sets him on the road. For some, this hunger becomes an indomitable force beckoning them to leave behind the comforts of their shores and embark on a journey that only the bravest of souls dare venture. For others, this hunger remains just a dream – a latent undertaking that falls outside the realms of a physical world – compelling them to hang on to the power of imagination to grasp a sense of it all. But for many, this hunger simply brings them to paths commonly traveled but often taken for granted. It merely requires one to fully open his sensibilities and look beyond the seemingly ordinary phenomenon of everyday living. Such a journey necessitates a willful act of persistent waiting, constant surrender and unceasing hope for true beauty to unfold naturally. And when it does happen, the experience leaves in them an indelible mark, a zeal for that which is life-giving.

I hope that through this blog, readers may find inspiration in their journey..


About the blogger:
I am a part time teacher, full time dreamer, in perpetual search for that “something more” in life. Traveling for me opens up a world of possibilities, offers a standing invitation to appreciate life and welcome diversity. So when I’m not traveling, I’m busy dreaming and planning on a trip. I am far from achieving my travel goals, but I like it that way. There is always something to look forward to.
❤ Michelle
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