Navigating Yangshuo County

Yangshuo is a perfect playground for nature-loving adventure-seeking travelers. What makes it such? Its water and landscape are amazing! No question about it. But other than that, its navigability makes this county a complete stand out.

Within and beyond the town center, Yangshuo can be explored in various ways. But perhaps renting a scooter is the best alternative. It allows for a wider coverage area in a short span of time. However, it is frustrating for one who has limited skills in driving like me. I could hire a driver for sure. But where’s the fun in that? So the only reasonable choice I had was the slow and steady bicycle ride. I could still have full control of my pace, stop whenever I need and wherever I want.

So without hesitation nor any second thoughts, I rented a bicycle – just the regular type, though (because I’m not at all comfortable on a mountain bike), and sped off across hills and valleys, marshes and farmlands. But where exactly did my wheels take me? West Street, Yulong Bridge, Silver Cave, Moon Hill, Yangshuo Park, Butterfly Spring, Rock Climbing, Moon Water Cave, Totem Ancient Trail, Big Banyan Tree and some lotus fields.

Traversing new and unfamiliar trails is a daunting task. The fear factor is trebled for solo female travelers. But my trepidation soon turns into emboldened tenacity the moment I’m on a bike’s saddle and have a good grip of the handlebars and pedals. I love the feeling that cycling offers. It spurs me on in life and gives me tons of confidence. Hence, pedaling around Yangshuo was never a difficult choice to make. No better way to roam around like a local! At the end of an exciting and adventurous expedition, I greeted the twilight sky sore but satisfied.

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