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Longji Terraced Fields

When I read about the rice terraces in Longsheng, I was so stoked I couldn’t let it go. I just had to adjust my already tight Guilin itinerary to make way for that much anticipated trip up the hinterlands. One

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From Roman Londinium to Jacobite Highlands

Although my first visit to London early this year was a short one, I saw many of its iconic landmarks in less than 24 hours and had a quick taste of what it’s like to live in the city that

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Exploring China the ATP way!

The best and most interesting way for me to explore a place is through public transit. It can be very challenging but the rewards are worth taking the risks. I went to China last summer and spent 3 weeks exploring

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Traveling Solo

My recent trip to China has taught me some really practical and important lessons along the premise of safe solo travel. China is a very interesting country to visit. It might be quite a challenge for some considering its infamous

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Taking a Chance in China

Excitement wasn’t the dominant feeling I had days before my scheduled trip to China last summer. Anxiety was! It was a mixture of fear, worry and regret. If you have been to China, you probably have a good idea why.

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