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Yangshuo’s Rivers

Every visitor to Guilin has Yangshuo in mind. One simply cannot go without allocating a day or two exploring the famed county’s natural wonders. A cruise along the mythical Li River is certainly the cream of the crop, and gliding

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Longji Terraced Fields

When I read about the rice terraces in Longsheng, I was so stoked I couldn’t let it go. I just had to adjust my already tight Guilin itinerary to make way for that much anticipated trip up the hinterlands. One

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Conquering Japan’s Highest

Mt. Fuji, Japan’s most prominent mountain, is best viewed and looks more majestic from a distance on a clear and cloudless morning. Although this iconic mountain attracts hundreds of thousands of climbers each year, I didn’t see the appeal of

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Zorba The Greek

Zorba The Greek illustrates with untrammeled honesty the heartwarming story of an unlikely friendship between two complete strangers – a union that’s unimaginable to last beyond a day but unexpectedly blossoms into a bond of brotherhood. It is a poignant

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Dahilayan Adventure

Ziplining in Bukidnon (Asia’s longest) was for me an exhilarating, freeing experience of taking risks and letting go of my cares and fears. I conquered my fear of heights and zoomed through forest fields and tree tops like a soaring

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