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Tokyo 3-Day Itinerary

Many of my friends have asked help with their Japan itineraries. They think I know a lot of stuff having been around for almost ten years now, 7 to be exact. I guess that number somehow gives me credibility? So,

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Crossing Okinawan Bridges

Just north of Nago City is Kouri Island which is part of Nakijin Village. To visit the island, one has to cross two bridges. The first connects Okinawa main island (West coast) and Yagaji Island. And the second connects Yagaji

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American Village

The Mihama American Village is a big entertainment complex and outdoor shopping mall in Okinawa with lots of shops, restaurants and cafes. It also has a movie theater that shows American and Japanese movies. Its most prominent feature is probably

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Okinawa World

Also known as the ‘Culture Kingdom Gyokusendo’, Okinawa World is a touristy theme park that features Okinawan culture and nature. The main attractions are: 1) Gyokusendo Cave – the longest (5kms) cave in the south of Okinawa island, and Japan’s

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Hakone Circuit in a Day

Hakone is one of the most frequented places in Japan. Only less than 100kms from Tokyo and about 2hours by train, locals and international tourists can enjoy fresh air and country view any time of the year.  It is part

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‘Battle of Okinawa’ Memorials

The Battle of Okinawa is probably the fiercest battle ever seen in history. This ground warfare was the only one fought on Japanese soil and was also the largest-scale campaign of the Asia-Pacific War. This war, also called ‘Typhoon of

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Conquering Japan’s Highest

Mt. Fuji, Japan’s most prominent mountain, is best viewed and looks more majestic from a distance on a clear and cloudless morning. Although this iconic mountain attracts hundreds of thousands of climbers each year, I didn’t see the appeal of

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Japan Captures Global Audience

Do you really know the people of Japan? There is so much to discover about the country and its people. The clip below gives you a front row view of its culture and tradition, and an up-close-and-personal encounter of its

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Five in Japan

Traveling to Japan on tour was never in my bucketlist of dreams; let alone living and working in a foreign country known for its countless earthquakes. But fate has its way of navigating through our lives, circumstances have prompted me

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