The Bund: A Symbol of Shanghai

The Bund is a popular scenic waterfront that is a symbol of Shanghai and an epitome of the city’s modern history. It is like an open air museum of international architecture on the west bank of Huangpu River. An array of magnificent buildings with varying architectural designs stand along East Zhongshan Road and stretches for 1,500 meters. All the buildings have western-inspired designs including the Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, Gothic and Romanesque. Across from it is an embankment that’s perfect for viewing both the street side and riverside scenery. It is especially packed at night when locals stroll along the wide walkway for a romantic evening, as well as tourists wanting to take a snap-shot of the area.

The best time to visit The Bund is probably just before sundown and on towards the evening, when you can still see the structures in soft daylight, and then watch the scene change as the lights turn on and illuminate the buildings. It offers one of the best night light views in Shanghai with the colorful flashing lights on the east side of Huangpu reflecting onto the river. That being said, the area around The Bund is consequentially a favorite subject for tripod-toting photographers, professional and amateur, looking for that spot that offers a picture-perfect angle.

Here’s a gallery of the prominent structures on The Bund and views of Huangpu River:

For more information of The Bund’s history, check out travelchinaguide‘s write-up.

The Bund Access:
Metro Line 2, 10 Nanjing Road (East) Station

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