Beijing Acrobatics Show

Chaoyang Theater Acrobatics World presents “The Chinese Stunt” and “New Acrobatics Party”. This acrobatics show in Beijing is a popular night-life entertainment itinerary for tourists among agencies operating in the city. And they are not mistaken to include it in the package as it is something that visitors, both local and foreign would enjoy watching. The award-winning performances are colorful, fantastic and breath-taking. It’s Cirque du Soleil-ish, but very Chinese. So it’s also interesting to see the mix of Western influence.

For solo travelers like me, this show is also a big hit. I booked my tickets online through this site. (Take note: Discounted tickets are only available at travel agencies or hotels.) The staff was quick to respond after I sent them my preferred seating via email. As per instruction, I went to the theater 30minutes before show time, showed my name and booking code to the ticket counter and paid for the ticket. Take note again: they do accept credit card. That was a relief because I was on my last night in Beijing and running low on cash. 🙂

Unlike the show I watched in Guilin which had a few acrobatic stunts, Chaoyang Theater performers do not pose for free. But they do allow picture-taking with viewers at the lobby at the end of the show for 20RMB. Just another touristy promotion for those who fall for it. I didn’t.

Here’s a short clip from the show:

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