Dreamers Between Landscape

After I checked in my hostel in Guilin, I immediately asked the staff about this show entitled “Dreamlike Li River”. Surprisingly, all of them were clueless as to what it was. It left me wondering why since the show seemed to be a popular one, or at least that was my impression from trip advisor, and other travel sites. Those who have seen the show gave good reviews and claimed to have enjoyed it more than the ‘Impressions Sanjie Liu’ in Yangshuo. So I was hellbent on getting myself a ticket to the show.

When I got back from an overnight trip to Longsheng, I had a new roommate who watched the show the previous night. And so she wrote the title in Chinese and told me its English translation. Apparently the show has changed its title. Together we traced Lijiang Theater’s location on the map, and I was good to go, except for the ticket. To get a ticket at a discounted price of 90RMB, you must book online the day before your intended date to watch and must have a Chinese mobile number. So I asked the hostel staff to help me with the booking as the site was in Chinese.  She was also willing enough to let me use her mobile number. I simply am the luckiest traveler, aren’t I? Buying the ticket right at the theater counter on the day itself costs 190RMB.


Shaking Magic Show, Dreamers Between Landscape is an hour long panorama song and dance show with Guilin grace (Mirage Guilin). It is a blend of acrobatics, ballet and Opera-ish singing that celebrates the gifts bestowed by nature.


The legend goes that Guilin is a beautiful place, clear water and green hills, like a paradise on earth.

Scene 1: Green Hills

Which hill is bathed in moonlight? Who drinks water from Li River? Hill of Moon is bathed in moonlight, that of Elephant drinks water from Li River.

Scene 2: Beautiful Waters

When she sings, water runs in melodies. When her pony-tail swings water splaches. Fish chase her dancing reflection in waters. Peeking at her, Mandarin ducks swim in twins. Oh, lovely Yao girl with a long pony-tail! Whose love does your beauty set ablaze?

Scene 3: Mysterious Caves

Stalactites are stone columns hanging downwards. Hanging bats uttered in Chinese promise happiness. So they are creatures of good luck to us. May they bring great fortune to all of us.

Distracted, A Niu comes to the Bat Kingdom, following the Bat Prince into an old and mysterious cave. With curiosity, he accidentally touches the stalactite demon that has been waiting for one thousand years and opens a grand banquet bubbling with enthusiasm.

Scene 4: Amazing Stones

A girl is moon in the sky. A boy is stone on the hill. Moon that shines on stone is no longer moon all by herself. Stone that’s bathed in moonlight is stone and moon combined. Combined and timeless, they never part.


What’s a mirage? A paradise, idyllic and dreamlike. Reflecting everything we call nature.

Here’s a short video taken last August 12,2014:


Note: Watching a show in China where the audience is predominantly Chinese, don’t expect a quiet viewing. Chinese viewers are generally chatty 🙂


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