Keep Water Flowing

More than ever, charity: water is serious about its water projects. It envisions to put an end to global water crisis by making clean water accessible to deprived communities in Africa and in many parts of the world. And it has successfully done so for the past 7 years.

But providing access isn’t enough. To keep water flowing in a community means setting up a systematic sustainable plan. And that’s a huge challenge especially for communities without the human and material resources needed. This is where PIPELINE enters.

PIPELINE is charity: water‘s latest project that addresses the concern on maintenance. Co-founding members support the project by giving a monthly donation which will be used to cover expenses related to keep drilled water wells pumping. It will likewise be used for ongoing innovation and training until the community can manage on its own – without charity: water. This is what I like about this cause. Charity: water responds to real needs at grass-roots level and gives the people a chance to build their future – a more hopeful dignified future.

A number of charity: water members have pledged their support. It is compelling to see individuals dreaming of a better world and actually doing something about it. Blowing Love Bubbles (my little personal project) shares in this goal and works toward elevating human dignity in ways relevant and realistic. I take inspiration in the words of actor and humanitarian Stana Katic, “You don’t have to be held by history. A wonderful future can await you.” I believe this wonderful future will happen if and when we take the necessary initial steps.

Visit to know more about its projects and how you can help. Alternatively, you can support charity: water through Blowing LoveBubbles. If you would like to donate to PIPELINE but do not want to be bound by a monthly fee, please contact me. Your contribution will be part of our monthly donation as a co-founding member of PIPELINE. Let’s open the pipelines to keep water flowing…

Water is life’s mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.  ~Albert Szent-Gyorgyi quotes

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