Stairways to Heaven

Stairways to Heaven

‘Gives hope and a sense of peace, something that the Church, in many instances, has been unable to do.’ -Times

If you have read ‘Angels in my Hair’ and had some kind of a spiritual awakening, then this second installment of Lorna Byrne’s angelic experiences is a must. This book is not meant for readers to simply enjoy and forget about after it’s put back on the shelf. It is meant to inspire and make readers aware of the tremendous gifts God has given humanity and make good use of them.

If up to this point in your life you still doubt the existence of a spiritual world, and that we are directly connected to that world even if we are unaware of it, I highly recommend getting a copy of Lorna’s books. The stories and experiences she narrates are written in simple words so that even those with less formal education may understand.

There is a wealth of spiritual secrets revealed in this book that’s bound to stir in the readers some emotion and a certain restlessness. Lorna shares her visions and knowledge of God and his angels that I haven’t learned in Catholic school, nor have heard or read anywhere else. And some of it may arouse skepticism and utter unbelief. But whatever a reader’s take on it may be, I know that it shouldn’t be our concern whether or not these things are true. What we do get from this is a burning question that should help us in living our life to the full, as what God wants for us:

Am I making the right choices that lead to life, or is my soul in a frozen state because I have taken a wrong turn somewhere?

This is what we must concern ourselves with, and try to do our part to evolve in the way that God wants us, with the help of His angels. God has given us free will which allows us to be co-creators of our future.

Some Lines from the book:

Ancestral angels are angels that are linked to a particular family. They are extremely powerful and they will step in if a family is threatened. Sometimes, a family has one because that family, or someone in it, is destined to play an important role in humanity’s development.

I am constantly reminded by the angels that we need to pray for the sins of our fathers’ fathers. We need to pray for the suffering they underwent, to help them- but also to make things easier for ourselves as the wrongs carried out by our ancestors can have an influence on us here today.

The angels that carry our prayers up to Heaven are prayer angels. They move upwards and then disappear, leaving a trail behind them. They carry each and every prayer – or prayerful thought – upwards.

It doesn’t matter what religion anyone belongs to. The truth is that  it’s the forces of evil that create divisions between one religion and another, making one religion feel that their beliefs are superior to another. There are many stairways to Heaven. No one religion controls access to Heaven.

Glowing babies are very special, but they have something wrong with them. While these children will be physically disabled or have a disease, they will in fact be mentally perfect. Most of them will die as babies or as young children and they will never grow up because God will not allow their souls to become contaminated by the world.

Lorna, you must pray that man listens to God and his angels. Man’s scientific and technological progress is brilliant – but it must never be used to take away any human being’s freedom.

When God created man and woman he made them in His image. This phrase does not refer to our body – but to our soul. Our soul is a piece of God, a spark of His divinity, of His light that dwells within each and every one of us, regardless of faith or belief. Because of this spark of divinity, we are all God’s children.

God created angels for their beauty and grace, to be His helpers, His messengers. He has tasked them in particular with helping to bring His human children back safely to Him in Heaven. Angels are creatures but hey are not created in God’s image. They are not His children. We humans are superior to angels because we have a soul.

The connection that exists between God and the angels is like a thread of light that runs along from God to each angel. Angels have a deep desire to receive this light constantly and this is why they serve God unconditionally. Angels are answerable to God at all times. They do not have free will like we do.

Normal souls aren’t sent back as angels, and angels don’t have souls. On very rare occasions like the Prophet Elijah, God has allowed an angel to dwell in the soul of a man and become a part of his soul. God has allowed this to happen again. You must pray for this young boy as he grows and goes out into the world. There is a possibility that he will be destroyed. Pray that he is allowed to live and to do what God wants him to do.

Satan was created by God as an angel and God gave him more power and strength than He gave to any other angel, with no exceptions. God gave Satan free choice. God doesn’t like to destroy anything He creates. God still works and hopes that Satan will come back to Him. This is beyond our human comprehension. We in fact know so little that we can never understand God fully.

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