Dressed To Kill

So here’s a piece of my mind about Castle 6.14 ‘Dressed to Kill’  written by Elizabeth Beall and directed by Jeannot Szwarc.

Once again Stana gave a momentous acting piece in this episode. Two very simple yet highly significant scenes:

1) The ‘Mirror Moment’ – the joy and excitement painted on her face seeing herself in a wedding dress, and in a split second registering an awfully inexplicable expression (slightly bordering to horror), staring at herself before the mirror. I can’t even find the right words to describe that moment. It was mind-boggling and utterly crushing to see that it left me wondering and worrying what it was all about.




2) The ‘We have to talk’ scene with Castle (at the end of the episode) which was directly connected to the ‘Mirror Moment’. It raised a flag of concern initially because of the serious weight it carried when she said those words. I was particularly moved by the sincere and heartfelt honesty of the scene: Castle and Beckett looking at each other in the eyes the entire conversation- she, never letting go of his arm as she makes a confession; and he, holding her gaze and hanging on to her every word. I was nearly in tears, too, when her eyes welled up and she inched closer to Castle emphasizing she doesn’t need any more time (that they should pursue a spring wedding and not wait for fall). I think this scene is the most intimate of all their conversations together as a couple (a forward movement in the Caskett relationship), and another benchmark to Beckett’s character evolution.

Beckett DTKendscene

I constantly marvel at how Stana could make use of all her faculties to convey a wide range of emotions and still look believable and feel authentic. Whether she is on the spotlight, or by the sidelines in support of the other cast, she always gives more than is expected of the role. Her passionate dedication to Beckett’s character is praiseworthy of any award. Stana’s astute ability to transform text into words bursting with meaning and feeling, and bring a character to life is a rare gem on television.

Guest Cast Special Mention: Frances Fisher was an excellent choice for this episode. She delivered an outstanding performance of Matilda King, outwardly disdainful and egotistic, but with a bit of softness popping out her sleeve. I especially loved her line to Julian: ‘Don’t even!… You’re Fired’ with that haughty hand gesture.

FrancesFisher CastleDTK

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