One Drop in an Ocean of God

This is a unique poem, written and performed by IN-Q only once, during One Night for ONE DROP, the first global charity event of One Drop Foundation imagined by Cirque du Soleil held in Las Vegas last March 22, 2013 in celebration of World Water Day.

We are one drop in an ocean of God
connected by our isolation
and ourselves are our incarceration
and our boundaries are imaginary lines
that divide us into separate nations
when we’re the same creation

We use technology to keep us in communication
and yet there’s nothing better than a simple conversation
They say that it’s the journey not the destination
I say the journey is the destination

We’re facing global climate changes
forests are endangered while we’re chasing paper
buying things that help us distract from our human nature
luxury and compensation
when our accomplishments
are far beyond how much we’re making
it’s what we’re making

The ripple effect
I throw a rock into a lake
and know the water’s rising
even if it’s at the smallest rate
and as the level elevates and escalates
get a million people throwing rocks
and you can see the change

Ghandi said to be the change
and he the change so we the change
and honestly we need to change
The time will never be the same
Eventhough we’re different we are all the same
He the same and she the same so we the same

How can I complain about the minor things
when there are human beings dying
just to find a simple drink migrating miles
when it’s pouring out my kitchen sink
It forces me to sit and think
What is the missing link?

You see it’s hard to comprehend
but we are all in sync
so we have a responsibility to act
Actually this moment in fact
is all you’ll ever really have
And right beneath the haves
and the have nots are never hads
and yet they smile  brighter than the actors
from these clever ads
telling us to spend a thousand bucks
to get some trendy swag
when we could take the same amount
and end the suffering they have

There’s no third world
There is only one world
one sky and one earth
One man is not an island
He is an endless universe
manifesting inner dreams
anything’s possible
as long as all of us believes
anything is possible
as long as one of us believes
anything is possible
at least that’s what I believe

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