‘For Lovers Only’ Soundtrack

‘For Lovers Only,’ a romantic drama starring Stana Katic and Mark Polish is the Polish Brothers’ homage to the 1960s French new wave films. The score to this love story blends romantic nostalgia with cutting edge sound design.” The movie also features a selection of French and English love songs that enhanced the ambient mood of the film and offered an added raw element to the story.

From an interview with composer Kubilay Uner:

“For Lovers Only” is an intimate, very romantic road movie, incredibly focused on two characters who are pretty much in every frame of the film. And the style of the film is very “new wave”, it’s close, personal, raw, “improvisatory”. So the ensemble used for the score had to fit this feeling.

The trumpet, played by an extremely talented young player, Daniel Rosenboom, is really the main voice of this score. The trumpet is great for this film because it works both as an homage to the 1960s, when there were more solo trumpets in film scores than there are today, and because the trumpet is incredibly raw and emotional when you record it close.

The cello and the violin are only featured in the end title, but they have a big impact there, because the feel of the score changes very much, almost to a ‘silent film’ approach. It still uses the main theme, though. The violin was played by Lili Haydn, and the cello by Derek Joseph Stein, both very wonderful artists with unique voices. I played the other instruments – piano, bass, guitar, melodica, keyboards and drums.” (source: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kubilayuner2)

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