STR Sends LoveBalls to CHLA

CHLA mobile book

photo © Stana Talk Radio

The Literally Healing Program of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) is a program that ‘uses books to uplift the spirits of their patients and families.’ These are made available for patients in the hospital in the reading room and the mobile book cart. Some are children’s books that give patients a break from what they’re going through or a welcome escape into a world that’s fun and painless. And some are therapeutic books that help children and their families deal with difficult situations and topics such as chemotherapy, disability and death. Thus, Literary Healing Program seeks donations for this very purpose. They also accept gift cards from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Target.

In response to this specific need and considering Stana Katic‘s special affinity for children’s welfare and CHLA, Stana Talk Radio organized a fund-raising project. It allowed fans of Stana around the world to take part in this ‘gift-giving’ by pitching in any amount they can. A remarkable $2000 (10x more than the initial amount targeted) was raised during the campaign period. Thanks to the generosity of Stana’s fans and the whole STR community! Sheryll, Miah and Elena visited CHLA on September 28th and personally handed over ‘The Gift’ to the program coordinators. The three openly expressed having had an amazing experience of actually being there and meeting some of the hospital staff and children. Though we are oceans apart, you’ve brought us with you in the journey.


Sheryll, Elena and Miah / photo © Stana Talk Radio

Thank you, Stana Talk Radio, for initiating the project which gave fans opportunity to participate in such a good cause. I’m one of the many who is just as proud to be a Stana fan and STR listener. Til the next project…

Visit for more information about Literally Healing and other programs, and how you can help.

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