Bon Chic Bon Genre

Stana Katic CBGB NY Premiere

Stana Katic walked the red carpet premiere of ‘CBGB: The Movie’ in New York City on Tuesday October 8th with the classy swag of a punk-rock. Yes, she made a bold statement in a black midriff-baring ensemble looking every bit the Bon Chic Bon Genre (as the French would say) personification. The skirt was a Donna Karan Pre-Fall 2013 high-waist A-line with horizontal sheer panel, and the bustier was custom-made for her just the day before the said event.

Some have expressed a level of discomfort about the skin-baring upper piece and commented that she looked like she was all set for a prom night but forgot to put on her top. Yup! Nasty as it sounds, I had to agree at first glance. I wasn’t completely awed by the bra-like top she had on for reasons any other conservative would understand. I personally didn’t like seeing her strutting with her abs exposed. I can’t stand the fact that it gives opportunity for male onlookers to gawk and ogle at her half-naked torso. Who knows what crazy thoughts they have playing in their heads? And I certainly don’t want any of that to happen to her. Oops… this is just me at my pessimistic best, like a fan protective of her role-model – if that is even an excuse.

Putting aside my buttoned-down opinion, however, I do appreciate Stana’s over-all look considering the nature of the event. CBGB is a movie based on the infamous punk-rock club in New York in the 70’s, and I’d say her outfit was event-appropriate. She sure deserves credit for taking such a brave and confident choice. Everyone knows that she likes to experiment on different styles. She isn’t afraid to dress up to the occasion and express her artistry in some weird eclectic fashion. And once again, she steps up her game in the aesthetics department highlighting it with a retro style hair flick that matched the outfit perfectly (minus of course the visible bobby pins). The look was astonishingly great on Stana. She pulled it off so well it erased all doubts of it being vulgar – not a trace of lewdness despite the incredible show of skin.

The Queen of (the) Castle who plays Genya Ravan in the movie was a true stunner. For some, it’s what they wear that leaves an impression. For others, it’s how they wear what they wear that gives them away. But for a few others, like Stana, it’s both the garb and the bearing that create a more lasting positive impact.

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photo © Kristina Bumphrey /; Theo Wargo / Getty Images; CBGB The Movie Pinterest; StanaTalkRadio Twitter

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