Excellence in the Arts

Stana at DePaul UnivStana Katic is DePaul University‘s Alumni honoree on its 2013 Awards for Excellence in the Arts, presented in April. Stana had a traditional academic background, studying Biology, International Relations and Pre-Law before shifting to the ‘Arts.’ She was a deserving recipient of the Chicago Drama League Scholarship at De Paul University Theater School. The universe has conspired for her to make that shift – just look at where it led her now.

Stana is a very dynamic and spontaneous storyteller. It is fueled by her wit and passion for the arts, and expressed in both words and gestures. Hers is a story that is both dreamy and down-to-earth real. She tells it with an interesting and easy use of metaphorical concepts that allows listeners entry into the depth of her cave creativity. Toward the end of her speech, she quotes the Love Generation Poetess, Lenore Kandel:

‘Poetry is alive because it is a medium of vision and experience. It is not necessarily comfortable. It is not necessarily safe. When a poet censors his vision, he no longer tells the truth as he sees it. This results in an artificial limitation imposed on an art whose direction is beyond the limits of the conceivable. There are no barriers to poetry or prophecy. By their nature, they are barrier breakers, bursts of perception, lines into infinity.’

That quote beautifully synthesizes Stana’s journey as an artist and as a perpetual student of life. Congratulations, Stana! May the ‘Force’ be with you as you tread on the path to a continuing evolution of your being.

Watch Stana’s speech:

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