Binibini of the Night

Bb. Pilipinas

Martin Nievera and Dawn Zulueta photo © Binibining Pilipinas

What makes this year’s Binibining Pilipinas special? I used to enjoy watching beauty pageants when I was a lot younger. But of recent years, I just can’t remember the last time I was glued to the TV set on a coronation night from start to finish. There is but one reason for me this time – that being Dawn Zulueta gracing the show.
I waited with excitement for this event, like one would await a prom night. That is quite an exaggerated analogy, but it’s the closest I could think of. Seeing Dawn beside equally attractive ladies in this prestigious pageantry was never to be missed. My intuition tells me she would undoubtedly stand out on the show, and there’s nothing sweeter than the satisfaction of validating that.
Rooting for no one in particular, I was oblivious to each candidate’s pretty face and enviable figure, anticipating only for those moments “SHE” would come out. So, imagine my impatience at having to watch 50 slender bodies clad in a two-piece swimwear and a pair of gold stilettos. I was cursing under my breath seeing all wannabees parading their evening gowns in slow calculated steps. Add to that having to endure listening to some not-so-well-phrased, thirty-second-maximum speeches during the interview portion. Ooops! No offense to the Top 15 finalists. In fact, I do admire their unwavering determination and how they stood up to the intense pressure that filled the big dome. However, I’m just one crazy fan with a single-minded goal for that night. Clap if we’re on the same boat 🙂
And indeed, all eyes were fixed on Dawn’s every appearance donning Cary Santiago’s to-die-for creations. The evening gowns were by themselves classy and regal. But put it on a Dawn Zulueta and it comes to life! Everyone gravitated to her commanding presence on stage. She is simply beautiful in every sense of the word.
Seeing my timeline flooded with shout-outs in praise of her is such a relief. I’m not crazy after all.

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