photo by msyeldzon (c)2012

Living in the west side of the city gives me countless opportunities to witness breathtaking sunset views. Thus, my walks home are almost always pleasurable, with my eyes feasting on the sky casting colorful hues.

Once on a clear cloudless afternoon, I marveled at the sight that rolled before my eyes – golden light lining the horizon, slowly fading. I wished I was at the beach, or up on a hill, or at the roof deck of a tall building, scaling the skyline for that picture-perfect view. But I wasn’t. I was instead on a busy road mindful of speeding cars and traffic signs.

Suddenly I wondered how the east side – opposite from the sunset looks like. I turned about and was extremely wowed by the scene that presented itself – full moon rising against a vibrant orange-pink sky. I was at the right place at the right moment!

Sometimes, we can be too single-minded about our dreams, too focused on the future ahead that we tend to ignore the journey itself. Our myopic vision disregards the benefits of taking side trips. We set extensive goals for ourselves and end up frustrated by mediocre objectives, unmet deadlines and failed undertakings. Once in a while, it helps to stop, look back, and be reminded of the little victories achieved in the course of our pursuit of success. Limitations can also be blessings. Often we need these side-trips and stop-overs to better appreciate our “growths” along the way, and be recharged to carry on.

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