Escape to Sumilon Island

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“Sumilon” which means “to take shelter” is an island located in the southeastern tip of Cebu and is under the administration of the municipality of Oslob. Its history dates back to the battle of 1813 when townfolks were mobilized by a Spanish Augustinian friar Julian Bermejo. He conceived a plan, given his building and military skills, to thwart slavers and marauders constantly attacking the southern islands of Cebu. He fortified the Church boundaries by building thick walls and bulwarks. Watch towers (Baluarte) were also built as an early warning system for intruders; and shallow draft boats armed with a variety of combat weapons were organized for battle, ready to set sail in short notice. These innovations and the people’s cooperation guaranteed their well-deserved victory.

The island of Sumilon has gained popularity in the recent decades. It is a perfect getaway from city life to enjoy the beauty and richness of a tropical environment and tranquil waters. Its 24hectare land area offers a variety of attractions to discover the island and explore the ocean. It is especially famous for its sandbar (that shifts/changes shape depending on the season), diving, trekking and lagoon kayaking among others. And if it’s worth mentioning: the food is good! And cheap!

One can reach the island from Cebu city proper by private car or taking a bus to Oslob. The three-hour trip towards Oslob port is relaxing with tree-canopies along the road and remarkable views of the southeastern seashores. From there, hop on a pump boat to cross the strait to the island. The island resort is managed by Bluewaters. So expect a warm welcome upon arrival and a friendly service from the staff throughout your stay.

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